Power electronic systems supply, convert, and control electrical energy, driving innovation in nearly every major industry. Next-generation technologies in renewable energy, electrified transportation, wireless communication, computing, manufacturing, robotics, and healthcare demand power electronics with ever-increasing capabilities, positioning the advancement of power electronics as critical to both technological progress and energy sustainability. 

Our team's research spans power electronic circuit topologies, components, and control, along with systems and applications enabled by these. We are currently exploring a new class of power electronics based on piezoelectric passive components, which are positioned to enable rapid miniaturization, efficiency improvement, and cost reduction for power electronics in a wide variety of applications. Our work is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing on expertise in power, circuits, control, MEMS, solid mechanics, and more.

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Piezoelectric-resonator-based dc-dc converter demonstrating a power stage efficiency of >99% 

Piezoelectric-transformer-based dc-dc converter demonstrating high-step-down conversion ratios

Piezoelectric-resonator-based dc-dc converter demonstrating a resonator power handling density of 1 kW/cm^3